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Indian Wedding Cards Design Samples

Essence of Royalty With Scroll Wedding Cards

A vital part of Indian marriage ceremony is the inviting the guests. Generally, guests are invited through invitation cards. Indian wedding cards are available in different styles and designs. Nowadays, one can have a rich and royal look with scroll wedding cards. These can make the invitation look unique and special. Like every year, The National Stationery Show (the largest trade show in North America), has recently taken place in New York. Hundreds of exhibitors and buyers have come to this show from different places across the world. Among the various items, one of the most popular has been scroll wedding cards. The show for the next year will be held in May, 2011.

Indian Wedding Cards Design 
Indian's Popular Design

Indian Wedding Cards Design 
Official Style

There are different options available when choosing a scroll wedding invitation. The cards vary according to the materials from which these are made. The things commonly used to make these are velvet, handmade paper and vellum paper. One can also have tailor-made ones to make the invitation look unique and special. Each card is hundred percent customization as per the requirement of an individual and can be used for any religion or community.

Indian Wedding Cards Design 
Simple Sample Design

Indian Wedding Cards Design 
New Design Sample Picture

From ages, scroll invitations have been a symbol of elegance and royalty. These are classic forms of invitation and are also known as Farman. Scroll cards are meant for people belonging to any religion or community. Scroll wedding cards are one of the best choices to make a marriage ceremony royal. The invitations are made of eye catching designs and superior quality materials. These scroll wedding cards create a lasting impression with a tasteful and fashionable style statement. The coordinated designs suit and match all types of wedding colors and themes.

Indian Wedding Cards Design 
Blue and White Model Design

Indian Wedding Cards Design 
With Accessories

You can choose any style or design from the wide collection of online scroll wedding cards. You can also customize it to meet the idea of a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian wedding. These types of cards are found in a large number of sites. You can also select from the lots of add-on available like carry bags for the scroll, and so on. You don't have to hop around from one shop to another for choosing the design. With the help of internet, all you need to do is - finalize the design and message, make payment (online or offline) and receive the cards within a few days at your doorstep. What are you waiting for? Choose, customize and order your cards now. Juliet Maridonn

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